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'' Brooklyn Street Art: You use many historical references, historical figures in your pieces. You put in faces of presidents and they are wearing panties and basketball jerseys and you mash up history with pop art and pop culture and it can be very humorous and intensively detailed.

El Sol 25: Yeah the humor is definitely from my mom and it definitely a direct response to a lot of the artwork that is out there. I mean I love anyone who is willing to go out and take the risk and express themselves but I’m a little more interested in people who are provoking thought and provoking an emotional response.
You can be like, “I’m badass. Check out how badass I am” but you are really only expressing one thing.
Brooklyn Street Art: Badassness?

El Sol 25: Yeah, and coming up as a graffiti writer I already experienced that. I already experienced feeling badass. “I just conquered that space! I’m badass!” But now I’m more interested in connecting with everyone, not just people in the graffiti scene or any scene. I love the idea of speaking to everyone. So that motivates the humor behind my work – take it a little seriously but not too serious.''

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  1. Inspirant !! le vidéo est vraiment intéressant et j'adore le produit final...